OSHA Card Portal – is the Portal used by MAOTIEC for Outreach trainers submitting Outreach Training Program Reports (OTPRs) and requesting Outreach completion cards.


  1. Go to:
  2. Click “Forgot Password?”
  3. Enter your email address and click “Send Email”
  4. Click the link in the Password Reset E-mail that has been sent to you (this can take a few minutes to receive)

User Guide and Instructions:  From your OSHA Card Portal home page, click your user account icon in the top-right corner, there is a link to the How-To Guide.

Submitting Outreach Training Reports and Requesting Cards

Tips for Using the Portal, Submitting Reports and Requesting Cards:

  • We recommend you do not use Internet Explorer. Although the OSHA Card Portal site will function, using Internet Explorer may become a “nuisance” to the user.
  • Your start and end time for each day of the class should include all break and lunch times as well as contact hours. Therefore, your start time to end time each day should be greater than your total topic hours. Make sure to add AM or PM.
  • Do not put anything other than the legal name of the student in the student name boxes…i.e. no numbers, nicknames, quotation marks (“ “) around an alternate names, etc.  If applicable, a suffix should be used (Jr, Sr, II, III, etc.).
  • Recheck for correctness (AM or PM, correct state, spelling of student names, etc.) before advancing to the payment page.
  • Please remember that .5 hours = 30 minutes, .75 hours = 45 minutes, 1.25 hours = one hour fifteen minutes, etc.
  • After entering your Outreach Training Report, you will be required to pay for your Outreach Card Request with a credit card or by requesting an invoice. A shipping receipt will be sent with the cards.
  • The Trainer shipping address is where the cards will be sent.  If you are having the cards sent to your company address, please add the company name to the shipping address.
  • Outreach cards may not be altered in any way and do not expire, including paper cards previously issued.

Recordkeeping Tips:

  • When you receive the Outreach completion cards, remember you MUST make a copy of each card (front and back) to keep in your class records, before sending them to each student.
  • Outreach Class Records must be kept for five years.
  • For more information on recordkeeping, click here.

Requesting Replacement Outreach Cards:

  • A replacement card can only be issued if the class was taken within the last five years and only one replacement card may be issued per student, per class.
  • For more information on requesting replacement Outreach cards, please enter the Trainer Access Only page, click here.

For questions please contact:

Jeni Valaike
Program Coordinator
Outreach Training
Mid Atlantic OTI Education Center
Chesapeake Region Safety Council
2555 Lord Baltimore Drive, Suite N-R
Baltimore, MD 21244
1-877-700-6212 (office)
1-410-281-1350 (fax)