Outreach trainers must retain Outreach class records for 5 years. OSHA reserves the right to request copies of class records for verification purposes at any time. Please note that failure to keep or provide these records may result in corrective action, up to and including the revocation of Outreach trainer status. The class records must include at least the following:

1. Student Sign-In SheetsSign-in sheets must be completed for each day of class. Printed or typed names must appear adjacent to the students’ signatures.

2. Student Contact InformationThis is the location where the Outreach trainer will send the student card; it must be the student’s home or business address.

3. Topic Outline. The outline must indicate the date and time period (e.g. 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.) of every topic and break.

4. Class Documentation. A copy of the documentation submitted to request student course completion cards including the list of the topics taught and the class time spent on each topic.

5. Student Course Completion Card Numbers. Outreach trainers must make a copy (electronic or paper) of every course completion card they issue, after entering all information onto the card. This will enable the Outreach trainer to track the card number issued to each student.

6. Guest trainers. A list containing the name of each guest trainer, topics and times covered by each, and their qualifications.

7. Additional Outreach Trainers. A list containing the name of each additional Outreach Trainer, a list of the topics covered, the number of contact hours allocated to each topic, and a copy of their Outreach trainer card.